520 East brands has helped me and my business in more ways than I can even describe. I had tried some social media outlets before finding Shane Shaps, only to be disappointed by the cookie-cutter posts and newsletters that were being sent out on social outlets. As most business owners I am strapped for time and needed to find someone to take some of the marketing off my plate. I am so grateful for the day I contacted Shane. I knew right away that she cared about my business needs. Shane takes the time to get to know me and my brand. If something needs to be tweaked, she meets with me immediately to try to strategize and figure out more effective ways to market my business. Shane has helped me to further define my brand, giving me lots of ideas and suggestions with regards to communicating better with my customers. She is always super excited about ideas that I have and always seems to figure out ways to help me execute them. Her creative, friendly, and talented team have become like family to me. I am forever grateful that I found Shane and 520 East brands. I would recommend them to any small business or larger company who is trying to better define their voice on social media.

520 East Brands is the voice of our brand.  Beginning with a few hundred loyal fans…three years ago we hired Shane and her crew and now have thousands of raving fans.  The dedicated team has brought clients, testimonials and passion to our brand.  It allows me to focus on the infrastructure and keep our healthy beverages on the shelves, while she keeps the fans posted on our growth.

Shane Shaps and her team at 520 East Brands are the real deal! They are truly professionals in the world of Social Media. They have served our team at Taylor Homes very well and continue to get achieve great results.

They manage the most popular social sites for us such as Facebook and Twitter but in addition to these sites, Shane has introduced us to numerous other sites that continue to gain us great exposure. In the ever-changing world of marketing today, this is a must. She continues to think outside the box in the very best interest of her client.

We enjoy working with 520 East Brands and wish them continued success!

We began working with 520 East Brands two years ago and feel that social media has become one of strongest marketing strategies. By managing our email database, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, 520 East Brands has given us a cohesive social message and a voice to communicate with our customers. As a business owner I never had the time to keep up with managing these resources and responding to all the comments and discussions. 520 East Brands is great at both engaging our followers and being certain to notify me immediately in the event of any negative feedback. I highly recommend 520 East Brands to be the solution for social marketing for your business!

Our community manager behind the @RedeApp Twitter handle (aka Shane Shaps) is sharp, witty, and empathetic. Couldn’t / Wouldn’t do #MobileChat w/o her.

I have worked with Shane for over 2 years and highly recommend her to my clients when conversations begin with Facebook, Twitter and Social Media.  Her expertise in the field of social media engagement is superb and the results she delivers for her clients is amazing.  Thanks Shane for being a go to resource and a trusted partner.

I love it!  Love everything you all are doing.  Thank you!!!!!

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