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It’s like this. You’ve been running your company, managing the pieces of your business you can handle and outsourcing what you don’t want to handle. Most people we work with knew they needed to be doing something – but weren’t sure what that something was. 520 East Brands brings the “something.” We even bring the “more.”

Whether or not you are “out there” online right now — people are talking about your company, relating to your customers. It’s happening whether you think it’s important or not. They are talking about YOU. And wouldn’t it be better to participate in that conversation?

Customers are the lifeline of your company. Shouldn’t you be taking advantage of every opportunity you have, whether in person or online, to have a conversation with them? 520 East Brands helps with the conversation. We set up the proper channels of online communication for your company, manage them and respond as they relate to your brand.

This doesn’t necessarily take a ton of time and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. But, ask yourself, how much is it worth to have an ongoing conversation with your customers? How much is it worth to have the pulse of what they’re saying? Because if you’re not listening to them — someone else is.

Other services offered: 

  • Ghostwriting Blogs
  • E-newsletter creation and distribution
  • Online review management
  • Social Media Consultation – allowing YOUR team to keep the work internal, but with the competitive advantage of strategic advice, complete with an editorial calendar and regular check-ins.


1. How does your team create the voice of its clients?

Collaboration is key in what we do. The better our team partners with our client, the greater success we achieve, together. While we are outsourced and intend to take the workload off your plate, knowing you have content, are willing to help us create more content and can communicate important information with us, we can take it from there.

2. How long until we’ll see results?

Make no mistake, social media marketing and engagement is not a magic bullet. It takes time to build a foundation and create not just an audience but a community of people passionate about your brand. How long does it take you to become a raving fan? How’d you get there? Time is key and managing those expectations is important on both sides.

3. Why is there no pricing on your website?

Every proposal we build is customized, based on where you currently are with your marketing, how much content we have to start with, which platforms make sense for your brand and the time involved for creating, curating and publishing content on those platforms. In addition, we do have some a la carte add-ons such as email marketing and ghost blogging.

4. Can you update our website, design a logo and create media placements for us?

Each of these items are important pieces of the marketing mix and we partner with colleagues to deliver these services as needed, but they are handled by other companies, not our team. We stay in our lane and appreciate the relationships we’ve built with specialists in related areas.

5. How do I know you’re the right fit for my company?

It’s rare that we can’t create a voice for a brand. Collaboration will be key here. We have a good time doing what we do and it shows in our work. If you love what you do, chances are we can replicate that in your brand message.

6. What makes the best client?

Our favorite kind of client is someone who knows they need help and they don’t know what they’re doing or don’t have the time or inclination to learn. Knowing you want to outsource your social voice is the first step to outsourcing it.



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