I love this kind of compliment. 

Recently we started working with a new client. This is one of those clients that falls into “the best kind of client” category. When people ask me my ideal client, I say they have two things: 

  1. They understand WHY they are hiring us and what we are going to do for them and
  2. They have a team of other supporting vendors who specialize in a different area of the marketing mix. This can include web, SEO, google ads, PR, paid advertising, video production, graphic design, an overall marketing strategist.

This new client has both of these pieces so we knew it would be a great fit and so far, it IS. 

One of my colleagues shares this company as a client but she didn’t know until I saw her last week that was the case. I told her across a networking table we shared the client and her response was “I was wondering if that was you! I noticed an increase in quality and consistency the other day and thought… ‘that must be the 520 East Brands team.'”

What a great feeling to know a fellow vendor would think and say that. 

The next day I saw the client at a meeting and her compliment really hit the nail on the head. “You’ve brought our voice through. You make it sound like us – not just any company in our industry. That’s the difference between what you do and what others do. You take that personalization seriously.” 

We have been talking about the importance of authenticity for years. When I do public speaking presentations and when I meet one-to-one with a potential client, I always drive home that the persona – the voice behind the keyboard – has to be real. It has to be a person who understands the consumer. This is what we do. It’s why we are the best at it and, I daresay the only company who does it the way we do. 

If your company is struggling with its voice on social, let us know. I always tell clients “this is no time to be humble.” The same is true for us. I’m proud of our team and all that we do and today I want to shout about it! Thanks for letting me do that. 


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