You know what the best feeling is? Being able to say “thank you.” 

While I try to thank my team as often as I can, it’s nice to have a whole day around the opportunity to stop what I’m doing and take an entire inhale/exhale cycle and tell my team how grateful I am for them. 

As a team, we are like an engine with each part running alongside the others. No one part is more important than the other, and collaboration is key. Of course, we each have our specialties. 


Candace: Candace has a long history of working in multiple different industries that relate to so many of our clients (home design, photography, healthcare). Candace is our resident Instagram expert. Somehow she always knows what is going on over there with Instagram and what will get our clients prioritized faster (one week it’s keywords the next week it’s hashtags and then somehow it’s alt tags). Her video content she shoots and edits is really working for all of the clients utilizing her services and somehow she’s gotten really fast at producing Reels. Can’t explain it but efficiency matters for our clients. And did I mention Candace and I are both graduates of the University of Florida? Go Gators!

Which brings me to our resident University of Kentucky fan… 

Lindsay:  Lindsay works directly with some of our clients behind the scenes, creating graphics and well-worded captions that truly tell the story of who each client is. Lately she’s been specializing in marketing events as well for a client with a full schedule of in-person events for which we use social to market them. Lindsay is always up for learning how to do something new and she’s able to keep client editorial calendars straight and consistently makes sure I’m on top of my game. 

Melissa: Melissa works solely behind the scenes as our resident ghostblogger. As a journalist and a teacher, her experience lends itself to guide her down the proper channels of research to create well-written, chock-full-of-keywords pieces of longform content that help drive traffic and keep readers on the page of our clients. She meets deadlines and exceeds expectations… what more could anyone want out of a writer? 


Meredith: Without Meredith I simply would be stuck in my own damn way. Meredith’s skills at organizing our tasks and keeping us all on track and schedule is simply unparalleled. 

The team has been in on all the details about the new brand. It’s coming very soon and we are so excited about it we are practically jumping out of our skin. It’s going to be BIG. Thank you, thank you, team. For each and every detail you follow up on, for each and every question you ask, for each and every clarification you need. You are simply the best! 


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