I met Monday’s guest on Twitter… where else. Her biting sense of humor got me immediately, and I knew we had to be friends. She’s smart and witty on a level I’m not usually used to. Rather than writing about her myself, I’m going to share with you some of her words which she shared on social yesterday. I share this so that other strong women out there know they are still strong, even if they’ve hit a weak point. Hope is real, Tenacity is real. Confidence is real. Maureen is real. Maureen’s words really got me. I can’t wait to share her with you Monday morning at 10am EDT at this link.

There is so much here to which I relate:

This pandemic has tested my business, our relationship, my kiddo, our perception of education, my relationship to alcohol and my body, and my friendships.
I haven’t been one of those people who has lost weight, but I HAVE learned that I can come back from ashes. After losing every single client, I teamed up with a new business partner (one I had never met in person but had worked with for a year prior) and we rebuilt a business that has not only survived the pandemic but thrived in it.
Of course, it’s not all roses. Most months I worried about our financial security. It’s really just been in the last few weeks I’ve felt some sort of relief. But, as we all know, this is what we get when you choose the self-employment life.
I look forward to our conversation Monday talking about perseverance, and yes, of course, content management.


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