Well, I’m still on vacation, sipping margaritas and listening to the waves as I soak up some rays. It’s been a relaxing brain break and I can’t say I’m ready to dive back in. BUT, fortunately, I’ll have a great guest to welcome me back on Monday.

I met Jim Fuhs on Twitter – on a tweetchat, I’m sure, but for the life of me I go to so many and our paths cross in about all of them so who knows which one it was. As you know, I enjoy a great virtual coffee now and then and so we set one up. Jim and I have similar philosophies… we may not know how to do what’s being asked, but we can sure as hell figure it out.

Jim will share with you how he came to have shows like Dealcasters and the Tim and Jim Show. Basically, he figured it out. And now he’s got a lot to share. I’ll see you Monday morning, Jim, Cannot wait!

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