Allow me to offer a confession. I work in social media and for a very long time, I didn’t “get” LinkedIn.

I’d post on it once in a while, and connect with people, but I never quite knew what to do with it aside from post articles on company pages and then encourage clients to go share that article. I knew enough to know that LinkedIn is a person-to-person platform and that it’s all about the connections, but that’s really what I knew.

Then I met Sarah Clay. Sarah is a LinkedIn trainer like I’ve never known. She broke it down for me, helped guide me into a weekly sharing schedule and taught me how to measure my results. I’ve gotten to know her through the Pandemic and one morning we had a virtual coffee and I found out she lives in the UK. So we’re on different continents but have gotten quite close. I truly cannot wait for you to meet her.

Join us at 10am EDT at Facebook.com/520EastBrands. See you there!

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