I first met Monday’s guest, Christy Smallwood, several years ago. I was considering joining a local Chamber of Commerce and she was telling me why I should do it. I was hesitant… seemed like an investment of both money and time. Time was a bigger challenge, and continues to be, but she was a good salesperson as a volunteer representative of the group, so I signed up.

It took me a minute to get involved in things, try to fit networking meetings into my schedule but I went to breakfasts and lunches here and there.

Then came quarantine.

The Chamber of St. Matthews has gotten many of us through this past year. Knowing we had a networking event – even on Zoom – meant we had somewhere to “be,” people to see. And Christy has been one of those people. I’ve seen her in action leading some of the groups and that is due to her long history as a business strategist.

Eagle Eye Strategies, Christy’s company, has a mission “to break the status quo of business as usual, to clear the clutter of stinking thinking, to spark the inspiration of big ideas and audacious goals for entrepreneurs, and light a fire under their asses to take action bringing their ideas to reality.” Some days I think I need a light fire lit… don’t you?

Christy Smallwood has over 25 years in media, sales & marketing, training & development, and strategic planning experience along with over 10 years executive coaching.   She really is Wonder Woman. I cannot wait to welcome her to the show Monday, learn how she helps companies get to their own goals, and thank her for getting me involved in the Chamber.

See you Monday, 10:30 am on Facebook.

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