Tomorrow we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. At our company, we’ll be celebrating Meredith. Every company should have a Meredith. She’s been with me since almost the beginning. Though I started the company in 2008, it was 2011 when it started getting so busy that I couldn’t see straight, and literally didn’t have enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Through the years, Meredith has created systems that make our business run, she communicates with clients about their invoices and monthly analytics and she keeps me on track with reminders and alerts.

Not every company will celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, and that’s a real shame. In all the years I’ve worked with my client, Red e App, the most important takeaway I’ve gotten is how easy it is to make a teammate feel good. “Thank you” goes a very long way.

But those two words, “thank you” aren’t nearly enough for everything Meredith does. Before she created our new consultant payout spreadsheets we had this awful, terrible, no-good, very bad way of tracking time. The team hated it, I hated it, Meredith hated it. So she listened to the challenges we were having with it and came up with ¬†an entirely new system that works better for everyone. Some months we get together and I vent all of my frustrations on her. And that must be hard for her to take. But inevitably she comes back with ideas on how to make those situations less frustrating, and I appreciate that.

And there’s math. Meredith does all the math. She figures out pro-rated bills and paychecks. She helps calculate how many hours make up a monthly retainer. And even on those rare occasions when I’m left in charge, she doublechecks my work.

I’m not sure how other entrepreneurs do what they do. I appreciate everything about having Meredith on the team. She’s so good at being organized, detailed and ahead of schedule and if you haven’t found yourself a Meredith, well, you should.

Thank you, Meredith, for everything you do for the team. You are appreciated!

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