So here we are in 2019. Our household is starting off the new year, well… exhausted. Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend we adopted a second puppy. Why on earth would we disrupt our easy life with our fat, lazy lab? Well, there’s actually a method to our madness. Let me step back and explain some history…

We lost our 10-year-old lab, SoHo, in December of 2012. Now I don’t know if you’re a dog person, but I’m the type of person who once overheard our daughter tell our son “you know SoHo is her favorite.” While this may have made me gasp out loud, I had to admit.. she wasn’t 100% wrong.

What’s not to love about a dog? She’s always happy to see me, she’s always good for a snuggle, and she cleans my floor. When SoHo got sick and died, I think I slipped into a pretty depressive state. I remember a lot of pajama-wearing, staring off into space and not wanting to get off the couch. I think I made it about 48 hours – if that – before getting on the phone to find a puppy. It took my husband a bit longer to come around, he would  have preferred more grieving time. But I work from home and an empty daytime home is the saddest home in the world. So I took a step further and brought Gramercy home.

A few years ago, I decided that never again would I live a day without a dog. Though it sounds morbid, I decided Gramercy’s sixth birthday seemed like a good time to adopt another puppy so that someday – and I hope that day is far, far away, I’ll have a dog by my side as I grieve. Is that sick? Some might say so. But I say… it’s strategy.

So while I’m cleaning up puddles in the kitchen and being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and yelling “no bite” over and over again, I know that in the long run planning ahead will pay off.

Which brings me to the point of the post. As we all begin a new year, it’s time to take a good look at our strategies – financial, editorial, marketing. Putting in the time now, in January, will pay off when we turn toward 2020 and are exhausted of the year yet again. If I can put in the time and raise this puppy into another great dog, then surely we can also start the year with a good, strong strategy. Join me in this effort.

Happy New Year!

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