When I’m talking to a potential client, there’s typically one question that always comes up: “How many posts per week does your retainer rate include?”

This question is flawed and I’m quick to point that out. We don’t build retainers based on quantity of posts. We build it based on quality of engagement. Here are the reasons why we do it this way and believe that charging based on a certain number of posts is the wrong direction:

  1. We focus onĀ real conversation. If I’m limited to a certain number of “posts” and I have more to say, what do I do then? Leave the conversation because I’ve already used my budgeted number of posts for the week? If you were mid-conversation with someone and had a response would you ever just leave the conversation based on some arbitrary number of words you set for yourself that week? Of course not. Neither do we.
  2. We diversify our platforms for our clients. I’ve written a lot here lately about our use of Twitter. Some days on twitter, we may be involved in a Tweetchat as our client, or we may simply be in a great conversation with someone. These aren’t “posts” – anyone thinking they can just “post on Twitter” and accomplish anything is just plain wrong – those are tweets. They are conversational, one-to-one, person-to-person. These conversations could span a few hours or an entire day. Some days we tweet more than others just like some days we talk more than others. The point is, putting a number on that isn’t realistic.

We build our retainers based on the platforms we’ll manage for your business and our 12-year history of experience based on the amount of time it takes us to authentically be a voice like yours each week and provide successful results.


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