Often, I tell work with my clients to figure out the best way to use pieces of their story FOR their brand. I often hear they don’t want to be on video because they don’t like the attention, or they don’t want to show off on social about a charity they’re involved with because that’s not why they do it.

My response to all of this is “This is no time to be humble.” I don’t mean this in a pompous way, I genuinely believe that all parts of your story can be part of your brand story, it simply takes some thought and effort. 

My next guest on Let’s Get Real knows this first-hand. Tim Sohn is the Founder & CEO of Sohn Social Media Solutions where they help brands, entrepreneurs & nonprofits build impact, relationships & community through livestream show and virtual event producing and coaching. I had the honor of being on The Tim and Jim Show recently and it was a lot of fun. You can catch it here

Tim is a 15-year cancer survivor and his journey through that process is part of his story and is built right into his brand. It’s simple – being a cancer survivor is part of who he is and is baked into his very persona. 

I look forward to welcoming Tim to the show tomorrow. I hope you’ll tune in and watch us live: 

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