You know that feeling when you’ve been out of touch for a while and then it gets to be so long that you’re almost like, “what do I even say to break back in? Why bother?” Maybe you’ve not hit that point ever. But.. well… here I am. 

It’s been since March that I’ve posted on this blog. And there are some reasons for that. Some of it has to do with schedule… I got really busy with a client in March (more on that to come). From there, life just took over. My daughter graduated high school in May, summer began, my son went to his final summer of camp, and I traveled – a lot! It’s been a whirlwind. 

I kept saying “I really need to be marketing the business.” But life just took over. And sometimes, you have to make choices as to what will be “back-burnered” and what will stand out front. I’ve often said women can do it all, but perhaps not all at the same time. 

Today is a new day. And a lot has changed since the beginning of summer. So today I begin the climb up the Eiffel-tower pile of stuff on my to do list. I wish I were still in Paris, eating pan au chocolat for breakfast every morning and then walking about a million miles, but I’m not. I’m back at my desk. So let’s go. 

The start of the school year means “buckle down and get moving.” So… since today is my daughter’s first day of college, let’s go. 

I referenced above how busy I became in March with a client. I’m no longer working with that client but the lessons learned are a mile high. I plan to share some of those in my next few posts. 

For today, happy Monday. Welcome to a new week, a new school year (maybe) and  a new day. 

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