A statement I hear often: “I don’t get Twitter.”

People “get” Twitter in different ways and on different levels. Some follow their favorite teams, some follow the news stations of their choice. Me? It’s my window on the world where I learn from people, talk to people and engage as both myself and some of the brands we represent.

About 10 years ago, in my role as the voice of a client, I was the co-host of a weekly Tweetchat. This very-old blogpost gives you a Tweetchat 101 description if that word is foreign to you. Through that chat, I met many friends and in a few cases, I came out from “behind the curtain” to tell some of those friends my real name and let my personality shine through. That was a rarity. Two of these friends are Monday’s guests, Anh and Janette. Overtime, we became friends and each week we’d joke about how we need a #spachat and would go into detail about what that would mean (I can smell the lavender now).

In about 2016 I took a little break from Twitter, personally (though we were still active on behalf of our brands). I won’t get into that here. But during quarantine-life, Twitter became my way of reconnecting with people and two of the first people I found in a tweetchat… Anh and Janette. There were virtual hugs everywhere. It was good to be back.

So I look forward to inviting these two friends to the show Monday morning. I think you’ll enjoy it too!

Fun fact – this week, while prepping for the show, we found we weren’t connected on every social platform which just goes to show you… it’s still not about the follower numbers! 


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