Seven or eight years ago your small business may have set up a Facebook page, invited a few friends to join, maybe run a contest or two and you watched that page grow exponentially and receive a ton of engagement daily. Facebook was free. You could share information about your business and people would see it – and they were willing to partake.

Things are different today. This is a whole new game. But the one thing that has remained constant is the need for good content. As I wrote in my last post, engaging conversation is always going to be most important in this medium. The question I get a lot is, “What do I say? How do I write engaging content?”

This isn’t rocket science (or rocket surgery as Jason Falls likes to say). Don’t know what to say? Create something. Social engagement is not about pushing product, it’s about telling a story. If you need a story to tell, create one. Do something fun with your team, let a customer share a testimonial on video, share something hysterical happening behind the scenes at your company.

Showing off the personality of your business – believe it or not – is going to get people to relate to you more than explaining what your widget does or why it’s better than the competing widget.

So dig in and begin working on a strategy that makes people not just want to be your customer but want to know you as a person.

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