We are in a constant state of change in the digital space, and my business is no different. Today we announce with excitement that we are expanding our services.

Nearly ten years ago, I launched this business. It began in a different form – showcasing gift items and selling them door-to-door to local boutiques. Any product I sold I owned, I believed in the products I was peddling – and I still do. An iPhone? Didn’t have one yet (remember they are also 10 years old). And Facebook? It was how I connected with old friends from childhood, camp, youth group, cities in which I lived. I landed on this business by accident, really. One of the local boutique owners who was a customer became a Facebook friend. He said “I see you on Facebook a lot, think you could help me with my business?” From there we had a referral to a new client, and from there I grew the company on my own until I began to scale it with multiple team members and clients across industries.

Over and over, company owners would call and say, “I know I need to be on social, but I don’t know how. I don’t have the staff, the time or the energy to learn how to do this, so I can just outsource it to you?” We have built this business and focused on companies who need us to be their voice for them.

Today, companies have teams in place to handle the day-to-day implementation of a social plan. Even though they know how to use Facebook, tweet and take great pictures for Instagram, they may not know how to properly create a strategy, how to build and use an editorial calendar or how to analyze the work they are doing.

Now, 520 East Brands brings our consultation option to the forefront. If you’re looking for guidance, support and best practices, who better to ask than a team of people who have been doing this for ten years? You want the online voice to continue to be yours? No problem. We can help elevate that voice to be louder.

We’re excited about this new opportunity and helping companies do what we do, on their own.


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