We’re one month in and off to a great start for 2023! 

Sealing in those lessons learned from 2022, our team is moving forward full-steam ahead. After taking some much-needed time off in December, and then focusing on my daughter’s needs in January (sorority rush is a bear these days), I got back to networking and meeting new people, spreading the word about the great work we do for our clients. 

One thing I’ve learned about small businesses lately, as related to social media marketing: they want to be engaging in it. They know social is a necessary part of doing business these days, and they are realizing that focusing on publishing content is still not something they have time to do. We can feel the opportunities for us bubbling up. That being said, when we focus on small business relationships, we know that budget can come into play (not always, but sometimes). 

For some of our newer clients, we’ve developed a new hybrid package in which we have a training session with the client to manage some of their own content and we support them with a smaller package for keeping their continuity of cadence on their social feeds. This can really help ease them into the world of outsourcing, while allowing them control of voice and budget. 

You know, years ago, this was not something we’d venture into. I really felt we needed to do it all to be successful. Also, I’m honestly not confident in my abilities to teach others how to do what we do. 

But with market changes, we must find a way to evolve. And, fortunately, I’ve got a team who – as I’ve mentioned before – is better at so many things than I am (teaching, included). Together, we’ve built a curriculum to help our clients learn from us and do pieces of it on their own (with our guidance, of course). 

Life is about evolving and becoming the best you can be. Along the way, we plan to help others be the best THEY can be. If having this type of hybrid package helps companies start to work with us, then we are open to seeing how it can be a best fit. 

This type of plan will not work with all businesses. It’s very subjective and each plan is customized to the client. Interested in this type of program? Let us know.  

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