As we begin this new year among COVID, air travel delays and weather, we are looking ahead to better days, some kind of “normal” (whatever that means) and a productive, successful year. But it’s also a good time to look back on how far we’ve come. 

I began in this business at the end of 2008. At that time, I was in another industry and began helping a friend with his company’s Facebook page. Then I started playing around on Twitter. It was new and I clearly didn’t know what I was doing – little did I know…we were all just kind of figuring it out. 

There was one person consistently online who was always willing to answer my questions. Jason Falls, never made me feel stupid when I’d tweet him some kind of inane question. He seemed to just understand everything about the platform. I figured he was some kind of tech genius who lived in Silicon Valley and was a go-to person for a lot of novices like me.

That’s when I first heard one of his infamous phrases, “This stuff isn’t rocket surgery. Heh.” What I learned in that moment was that to do well in this industry, it takes time and practice. It all changes so quickly that no one can truly be an expert at all of this but people who understand the value of social media marketing and online networking can help businesses achieve their goals. 

His latest book, Winfluence, is a great one for those looking to figure out this world of influencers.


At some point I met Jason in person and learned not only is he not from California, he’s from right here in Kentucky and lives in my hometown. He’s still someone I go to with questions (like when I was first starting Let’s Get Real) and sometimes he’ll give me tips I can implement on my next show. We’ve had the chance to work together through the years and Monday, I’m so honored he’s joining me for the first anniversary of the show! 

I hope you’ll join us too! 

We’ll be live at 12 noon ET at:

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