So if you know me personally, or you follow me on social, you know I share a lot about what it’s like being a Jewish woman in the world right now. To be honest, it’s scary. That’s not what this article is about, but it’s the impetus for writing it. 

Earlier this week, according to the BBC, a KFC app alert sent the following: “It’s memorial day for Kristallnacht! Treat yourself with more tender cheese on your crispy chicken. Now at KFCheese!” Want the full, brief story? Find it here from Axios. 

Why am I sharing this here and what does it have to do with social media? It has to do with AI – and its integration into social. For years I’ve been approached by companies who offer an AI-alternative to social media “engagement” and “content marketing.” Those phrases are in quotes because honestly, no AI-system is going to do this as well as a human. Ever. 

Sure, there are large companies out there looking to streamline their social chatter, in need of a quick-fix for responding to customer service tweets and Facebook Messenger questions. But I’ve always cautioned against this type of service as a replacement for what we do, and I stand by that today. 

We’ve always sold our services on authenticity. My elevator pitch includes that we help create a true human personal behind the keyboard for the brands we represent, and we carry out that voice from real people to real people. We don’t just push pieces of content. We don’t ignore messages. We respond. And we respond in a way a friend would… not a computer. 

My understanding of what happened with KFC Germany is they relied on an AI system to be alerted by holidays, days of observance and other calendar events, and then to carry out some sort of special in honor of that day. But artificial intelligence couldn’t possibly have known that Kristallnacht is not actually a holiday, nor is it something on which people expect some sort of “deal.” 

When you pile this on to all the legitimate, intentional antisemetic events happening around the world now, it’s salt in the wound. And how could it have been prevented? By having an actual empathetic human with emotions involved. AI is good for some things, but communicating with customers? Probably not your best bet. 

Looking to give your business a credible, human voice? Let me know. 


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