Monday I’m excited to welcome Tod Cordill to Let’s Get Real. When I ask my guests what kinds of things they’d like to talk about on the show, they typically give me one or two topics that tie in with their work and I am happy to build some conversation starters from there. 

But with Tod, there is so much he can talk about that it might take me a minute to get my thoughts organized. Of course, we’re going to touch on marketing (because we ARE here to talk marketing). Tod brings a wealth of knowledge both from his work on UX (he spent years as a software developer) as well as the often-ignored practice of using direct mail. We’ll dig into both of these topics. 

But here’s what I can’t wait to learn about and what you’re really going to love. Tod says “We get so rigid in our current lifestyle we never consider all the options we have available to us.” He’s referring to the year and a half he left his job (at his wife’s urging) and their family of four sailed from Oregon to New Zealand. And since then, he’s never gone back to the rigor of a corporate job. 

I’m fascinated by this idea and feel I could never be brave enough. I won’t even move towns. So I can’t wait to hear how this decision came to be and how it went. 

I hope you’ll join us Monday at 12 noon ET: 

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