The dogs are clearly not ready to go with this whole 2020 thing but my team is!

While others may have been laying around in their pjs all week, eating snacks on the couch and not knowing what day it was and drowning in movies….wait, hold it. We were also in PJs and likely on a couch, BUT we were focused, clearly, on the day and time (also we were eating healthier food, I swear).

In the final week of the year, our team got it together, held calls, planned for the first quarter and 2020 as a year.

Often in December, some of our service-related clients see a downtick in engagement and traffic because their content can’t compete with every retailer selling holiday goods and spending big dollars on advertising those products. But for several of our clients, this was not the case. They are entering 2020 on a high note, with an engaged audience ready to hear more. These are the clients who listened to what we knew to be true: get personal, share your story, don’t just sell – especially in December!

Now it’s January and we’re back at it. With us, there is no “one size fits all.” Each team has discussed each client in detail – what we need to be successful and how we can best collaborate with the client to get there. With client meetings scheduled this week, we’re ready to present our top ideas to get everybody moving. This is no time to sit still!

As you head off into January 2020, have you put your plans in writing or are you simply hoping for the best? Hope is great, but it’s not a plan. To have a strong year, a plan is needed. Fortunately for our clients, we’ve got one for them.

Happy New Year, everyone. Perhaps now I can get these dogs motivated too. I doubt it though.

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