Over the past decade+ of owning this agency, there’s one thing I drive home and over and over with clients: your website is home base. As I discussed after the Facebook blackout, your Facebook page is not yours, and therefore, cannot be your whole business.

Your website is where the information is housed. It’s where our voice, our persona, our effort aims to lead people. There’s only so much you can learn from a tweet. We engage with people and we lead them back to the page on your website where you want them to go (a blogpost, a product page, a lead form, etc.).

So from our end, what’s important is that is that we partner with a team who knows their way around a website – not just the pretty, designed part, but the user-experience part and, probably most importantly, the analytics part. We work hand-in-hand with the team managing SEO and Google analytics to be sure our efforts are supporting theirs, and that we are measuring properly.

So when I met Kenny Marcum years ago, we began partnering and referring to each other as often as possible.

We’ve shared some amazing clients (and a few not-so-amazing clients) along the way. We consistently work together to be sure what my team is doing supports what his team is doing.

Monday, we’re going to talk more about how we do it and why your company should be implementing our tactics as well.

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