Welcome to the first full week of 2024. This year, I did two things in lieu of a “resolution:”

  1. I set a one-word intention for the year and that word is PUSH. What I mean by that is I’m going to push myself into things that make me uncomfortable (hey, I got back on Threads this week so I’ve already started). I’m going to make my Peloton work outs stronger and push myself when I feel like quitting. I’m going to face my fears. And, yeah, I may push back a bit instead of accepting things as they are. I’m kind of done with that. So let’s push, together, into 2024. 
  2. I also set an “in and out” list – did you? 

So now that we’re here, kicking this year off right – pushing into it – I set a goal to create a Monday Marketing Minute each week with a quick tip based on the strategies we build for clients – things YOU can consider in your own branding. You can find these on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook Monday mornings! 

So for this week, think about your brand voice. It’s important that you discover, create, think about, evolve and work on your brand voice regularly, but that you also have a guide for what your brand says and doesn’t say – literally, in words. You may have a brand guideline book that defines when and where you can use your logo, how it’s used, what colors can be used for your brand, what fonts, etcetera. The same goes for the words you use. So get those nailed down and we’ll be on our way. 

Ready – push. 

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