Look. Some weeks I am able to write these blogposts on Friday mornings just after the kids leave for school and before my 8:30 coffee chat. The topic is so focused and targeted I just let the words come out and just like that a blogpost is written.

Well this one is different. Monday’s guest is Mara White, Director, Public Relations at Flynn Wright, an agency in Des Moines. Her experience ranges from word-smithing the simplest of emails to building full-blown PR campaigns to handling in-the-moment crisis communications for organizations of all sizes. I’ve heard it said she’s never had an unexpressed thought. She has an extreme skill to finding precisely the right words to represent any message, and she has the uncanny talent to make those messages as concise as possible. Truly, it’s an art and one that I’ve admired since long before I joined the marketing world.

Mara and I go back – all the way back – to sixth grade. Yes, at the solid age of 11, we became close friends and aside from those few years in college when we both just needed to break away from home, we’ve been like sisters (no offense to Robbyn, her actual sister).

Mara is my friend, my confidante, and in some cases my conscience. We talk to each other multiple times a day and pop in and out of serious conversations, Seinfeld quotes, private jokes and song lyrics (sometimes she literally bursts out in song and the subject ranges from Taylor Swift to Springsteen to KISS to Les Miserables). Chances are if I’ve ever sent you a difficult email, she red-lined it first. And if we’ve ever had a touchy conversation, it’s highly likely I was reading talking points she gave me.

So Monday, the Monday after the Kentucky Derby, Mara will join me on Let’s Get Real. It’s unlikely I’ve ever had a MORE real conversation than this one will be (and they’ve all been pretty real, don’t you think?). We’re going to talk shop for a while.. how PR and social dovetail and work together – and point out how they are different and why your business needs both.

So join us Monday and you’re sure to get some insight on not just PR/social but also how a friendship this strong has made it all these years and just keeps on going.

Disclaimer: Mara has not proofed this piece.


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