Here’s what I’m going to say about Monday’s show: If you own a business and you keep asking “what else can we do to get our name out there?” then this episode is for you.

Christoph Trappe is one of those people I’ve consistently seen on the slate of speakers for national conferences, and I’ve had the opportunity to hear him speak at least once.

He’s got a new book out, Going Live: LIvestream your podcast to reach more people. I anticipate this will be one of those conversations in which I take a lot of notes.

If you want to prepare for the conversation, please visit Christoph’s blog, Authentic Storytelling. There is a wealth of information there, from livestreaming to how to really stop those pesky spam calls.

I’ll see you live at 10:30am EDT Monday with Christoph. You can find us on Facebook.  Catch up on past episodes by subscribing here.

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