I was recently on a webinar (always learning, right?). This was a panel of experts – and you know how I feel about the word expert – talking about the changes in social now, due to COVID. One of the things that was touched on the most was to focus on organic content and be engaging, you know, one-to-one with the people.

I have to admit, I was kind of dumbfounded. At what point did we STOP engaging this way? Our team has always – always – stayed true to what we do: offering authentic voices to the brands we represent online. We have always focused on the social part of social media, not the media.

Some history…

Way back when we began doing what we do, we prided ourselves on selling a real, true voice on each platform and making sure we were not just “selling” but we were listening, engaging and showing off the personality of the brand.

Over the past nearly 12 years we’ve been in business, some of that organic piece has had to shift to a pay-to-play type type of business (ie, running ads). The purpose of our ads has always been to get in front of the eyeballs most likely to engage with us, and then lure them to engage with our organic content. Ads are just part of the puzzle now and are not negotiable.

So today we have a mix of content we publish with the intent of putting money behind it and a good deal of content meant for pure engagement. The mix is what’s important.


This brings me to my surprise, and well, delight. While agencies like us are just starting to create organic, engaging content to go along with their paid ads, this is where we’ve always been. I don’t want to over-generalize, but many agencies who run PR or Marketing tactics can navigate their way through the ad platforms and successfully run ad campaigns on your company’s behalf.

But… not everyone can engage in a voice that sounds like yours and be successful. We know the pieces of content that will still get the most engagement are still going to be your personal posts… the photos of the employees serving food at a shelter, the service team installing your product in a home, boomerangs of the team in action and videos by your CEO or company owner. This is the content that tells your story and that is what will make your mark. Our job is to be sure we are showing that through your social channels. It’s what we’ve always done and what we will continue to do – COVID or no COVID.


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