Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to the Louisville Chapter of NAWMBA (The National Association of Women MBAs). The topic was social media and the charge was to give an overview of how these businesswomen can utilize online communities for their companies’, as well as their personal, branding.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous. I explained to them that I typically speak in 140-character phrases and spend most of my day hidden behind a keyboard. The thought of speaking to them – live and in person – for 20-30 minutes was daunting. But I survived and had a great time meeting some amazing women.

The part they seemed to enjoy the most was regarding negative comments – what do you do with them? Do you respond to them? Do they really matter? And to show them just how loud a negative comment can be, I shared with them the following video. Check out the number of views.

Click here to view the video: United Breaks Guitars

My response is clearly, YES. You do not delete them – you respond. Respectfully and with courtesy, you respond. Your fans care enough to … well… complain… do what you can to make it right. Even if they don’t like your response, it shows you can listen. In this case, United Airlines didn’t listen and paid a price. Taylor guitars, I understand, ended up sending the artist TWO new guitars.

For more videos on the topic, search YouTube for “United Breaks Guitars.”

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