More than a year ago, I wrote this post about my fandom of Peloton and my coach of choice, Olivia Amato. At the time, I was a superfan, but out there on my own and just excited about my workouts and my favorite teacher responding to my instagram posts sometimes. The post is about social community being alive and well. Little did I know…

Shortly after writing that post, I found out there’s a whole TEAM of people just like me who love their Peloton fitness activity, but also fan out over Olivia, her workouts and her apparel just as much as I do. And now… there’s been a shift. It’s not even about Olivia anymore as much as it’s about the team.

The people in this group represent what true community is all about. We’ve become Facebook friends, we follow each other on Instagram, we support each other’s stories and we high five each other during class. We know each other by name (but refer to each other by Leader Board names when talking to our family).

So what did it take to make this group a GROUP? It took a moderator with a plan, a strategy and a mission to make this team page less about just the coach who brought us together, and more about each other. Meghan Yarnall joins me Monday to share her story but NOT just about THIS team.

This isn’t the first group she’s built. She and her husband found themselves all alone when their second child was born with a very rare syndrome. Being alone in this was not an option. So she built a community of fellow parents.

She’s unlike other guests in that she’s not from the social media world. But she’s got my attention and respect because of how she truly built these communities for everyone in the group to be engaged. Any social media manager who could get this kind of raving fandom going would be very proud, indeed.

I have no doubt you’re going to love this one, EVEN if you’re sick of hearing me talk about my workouts!

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