I met my next guest years ago. I was working with The Women’s Center, a department at the University of Louisville, on a short-term project to use social media engagement leading up to, and during, a conference. At the time, Jeff Rushton was head of digital marketing for the university. We were immediate friends. While I was handling the day-to-day tactical implementation of engagement, he was giving great direction regarding data and insights.

We’ve had the opportunity to work together in different capacities through the years. At one point, we put together a presentation for high school and middle school students and presented to them and their parents in an effort to “scare the bejeezus” out of them. Jeff has access to technologies (and the know-how to use them) that help to show just what a negative post on social can do to your permanent social footprint. We actually had a police officer there with us to explain the legal ramifications about bad choices people make online.

So Jeff and I are going to talk about all of this… real social voices from an organization standpoint, and also from a personal perspective.

I’ll share one clip from that presentation. This might be one of Jeff’s favorite examples of what not to do on social. He always says, “don’t be this guy.” Click here to watch. 

Meanwhile, we’ll see you Monday morning, 10am EST on Facebook.

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