Monday’s guest for Let’s Get Real is my old pal, Anh Nguyen. Yes, you’re right, I DID have Anh on once before, back when I thought I was great at producing this show by myself and decided to have two Twitter friends: Anh and Janette on at the same time. I got completely flustered and basically had a black screen for most of the show. I literally looked like a palm-to-face emoji the rest of the day. 🤦🏻‍♀️

But something fantastic happened in September: I got to meet Anh face to face at Content Marketing World. We (along with our other two pals, Sasha and Amy) had so many laughs that week and THE best time.

So what’s the Oxford Comma have to do with this? I asked Anh for her bio, as I do every guest and in it she includes: 

“She loves travel, dogs, tech tools, social media, foodie adventures, and the Oxford comma.” 
And I’m kind of flabbergasted. I was a PR major in college. I have always used AP Style. The Oxford Comma??? NEVER. We will discuss. How could we be so different on this topic? 

So, don’t be surprised if Monday is filled with a lot of laughs. A LOT.

I swear, we will buckle down and talk marketing. 

We’ll be live at 12 noon ET at:

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