Today is the day!

520 East Brands has finally taken the leap, embraced our authentic voice and developed a new brand that truly exemplifies who we are and what we do. 

I may be 4 foot 8 inches but my voice is big and since 2008 that big voice has been working for clients making their megaphones louder. I wanted my brand to describe that the quickest way possible and we just weren’t accomplishing that with our former branding. 

Why now? Why the change?

The truth is, for many years I’ve had a brand name I didn’t love. It’s hard to believe in what you do and know you are among the best in the business and feel like you are hiding behind a company name that doesn’t make sense. In 2008 I launched 520 East Brands (the name an homage to our former address in New York City). The business was different then, the brand was different. I wasn’t in the business of using social to sell and as the company evolved, the name stayed the same. Fun fact: we are headquartered in a town with an area code of 502, which contributed to the confusion around the brand name for more than a decade. 

I’d been wrestling with the notion of changing the name for a few years but it took to get out of the pandemic to really buckle down and get some advice and guidance from my team who encouraged me to just go for it.

Today. Right now. 

With their encouragement, I enlisted some of the specialists I know to help me make it happen: 

My teammates helped me narrow down the new name. We had a fun lightning round of brainstorming that resulted in a list of possibilities. Crosschecked with available URLs, the new brand was decided pretty quickly. We are nothing if not decisive and efficient.

Lizzy Wolfe of Big Bad Wolfe Designs single-handedly came up with the concept, logo and overall look of the brand.

The team at 301 Interactive very rapidly overhauled my website. 

And Maria Marchal is the photographer who helped us bring the brand to life.

So who is Big Voice Social?

Well, we are exactly who you’ve come to know us as. We are the voice of the brands we represent. In a nutshell, all the attributes you’ve come to know about us as a team still hold true. We are: 

Dependable – we do what we say we will do.
Knowledgeable – we are current on social platforms & their priorities.
Collaborative – always ready to partner with your team & other vendors.
Fun – I mean… if we aren’t having fun, what’s the point? 
Professional – unlike your neighbor’s cousin’s kid playing on Instagram.
So welcome to the new brand. All that is changing around here is the look and feel of our company. But the work we do – that only changes as we need to keep evolving and staying current with trends, algorithms and technology. Serving as the voice of the brands we represent and collaborating as an extension of client marketing teams is why we get out bed each day.
And today is a very exciting day to do so! 
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