My business is built on organic social media engagement. It’s what we know, it’s what we do. 

We’ve always stayed steadfast to our focus on engagement. We create human personas to represent the brands we work with, and we develop realtime conversations utilizing those personas. We believe in the true magic of social – behaving like a human and treating others that way. 

It’s gotten more challenging over the years, sure. Algorithms and reach and targeting and impressions… these are factors and metrics we use and measure as we go. But one thing has not changed since the advent of the social media ad: 

You cannot be a well-positioned brand online without both organic and paid social. 

You can’t go all-in one way. 

If all you’re doing is organic social content on a platform like Facebook, good luck. There are too many paying businesses trying to get in front of the same eyeballs of YOUR customers. Without also putting forth some cash, you can’t compete. 

On the flip side, if you’re trying to get away with minimum effort by JUST running ads, you’re defeating the purpose of social. If someone clicks on your well-placed ad and hits your Facebook page but there’s nothing posted there since your holiday sale in 2019, forget it. You look like a dilapidated building with an “out to lunch” sign on hanging on the ratty old doorknob. 

Neither should be ignored. While I argue for the importance of organic conversation, I’ll never discount the importance a paid campaign plays. And, as a customer, I’m a good example. 

Last week I was putting together my daughter’s bed party as she’s announced her intentions to enroll in Indiana University next year. Not familiar with the bed party? Read about it here. 

As I was scrolling through Instagram searching for every phrase an almost-college-freshman girl would search (college sweatshirts, city sweatpants, tube tops, tailgate outfits) an ad popped up from the clothing store Altard State. In it was a plaque that read: 

“Before you leave this home, always remember I love you no matter what. I believe in you.

Trust your gut. Follow your heart. Come home safe.” 

Can you think of a better piece of decor to give your daughter at this milestone? When I posted it in my story, I received multiple messages from fellow parents asking where I got it. It’s the perfect mix of paid and organic working hand-in-hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if Altard State had a ton of traffic on that web page that night! 

What’s important is you have clear objectives so you can thread your organic and paid content through the strategy, together. Need help? Let us know! 

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