The title of this post should be office, right? Who wants to hang out with a wall flower? No one wants to get cornered at an event by the person who can’t hold a conversation. The same is true on social. 

People don’t want to be sold to. They want to know about you and your business and when they need your services, they’ll come calling. Not every, single post has to have a CTA. Some can be pure fun. And people like to work with people who are fun and engaging. 

One type of content that always works well is the type that shows off your people, your team, and what it’s like on a daily basis to be in your company, your store, your space. 

We recently attended a team meeting for one of our clients. On that particular day, the team was playing a practical joke (all in good fun, no one got hurt) on one of the team members. Since we were there that day, they asked us to film some video footage of the meeting and we were happy to oblige. Because the story behind the practical joke is too long to explain to their clients and audience, they initially asked us not to share the footage on social. We went back and asked if we could still share some of the team laughing and having fun (cuttin’ up as my southern grandmother used to say). The audience doesn’t necessarily need the story of why they were having fun – but the footage showing them enjoying each other as a team is priceless. 

So think about your bloopers, your behind-the-scenes footage. You might need to edit a bit out but we highly recommend sharing it and showing your brand’s personal side. 

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