Each week we get a little bit closer to the BIG reveal of the new brand. But for now… we’re still coasting along, working with our clients, making their online voices and content sparkle, and sharing top tips with you, our community. 

This week we are focused on platforms. A lot of times clients will ask us if we should be on the “new, hot thing.” And my response is typically to hold for a bit. No need to be the earliest adopter (unless you’re a tech company, potentially). My next response is the answer we need to dig into first: who is your audience? 

First you’ve got to dig into your audience and your potential audience. If you’re currently engaging on Facebook but you want to keep selling your product into the future, you have to think about where your next customer is spending time online (newsflash: it’s not Facebook). 

Second, you do want to be sure you’re diversifying. So many of us used to spend half our days engaging on Twitter/X and now… what on earth is even happening over there? So you want to be sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket in case something happens to that platform. 

Third. Don’t forget your website is still homebase. The content you put on social – that’s rented space. You don’t own that. But your website? It’s yours. You own it. So make sure you’ve got a GREAT website with all kinds of content (otherwise, where are you even sending your social traffic after they’ve engaged with you?). 

Lots of companies want to be on every platform and they do it by auto-posting the same content at the same time with the same caption all over the place. No. Stop this. 

It’s important to be strategic about your platforms, diversify them as you can, and remember to always consider your website the most important. But also remember who your audience is and go where they are. 

Need help determining this and setting a strategy? Reach me here. 


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