Next up in the “get to know my clients” series: Ah Whatta ‘Bout Mimi. I know… unique name, but I’ll get to that (I asked the owner where it came from… hang tight).

So to know me is to know that I’ve morphed through several iterations of being my own boss. Social media marketer is what I’ve evolved into. However, since anyone who’s seen “The Social Network” (or, you know, read the book) knows, Facebook isn’t that old.. and Twitter is even younger. So until I found this career, I did a few other things.

When we first landed in suburbia, for many reasons we decided I needed to start a business and work from home. So I began with a gift basket business – Complete BasketCase was born. It was a lot of fun staying up until 3 am for two weeks straight right before the winter holidays shrinkwrapping fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, one-of-a-kind gift baskets and then boxing them, tagging them, shipping them, delivering them. One year I think my husband and I each put 1000 miles on our cars delivering the gifts. As time went on, we hired a delivery service, but working with perishables in my basement soon proved to not be cost-effective or manageable (once I had babies, you know).

So things evolved and years later, here I am.

A couple of months ago, I spoke to a group of business women about social media – why they should be participating, how they should go about engaging. And I walked away with a couple new clients – one of which is Ah Whatta ‘Bout Mimi. And what does she do? Well.. she makes customized gift baskets! How cool is that? I’ve been able to send along leads to her based on my gift basket rolodex. And I know exactly how to tell people what she does – because I’ve been there. But she’s taken it to the next step – well.. let’s be honest, she’s taken it many many steps ahead.

She also started at home, and eventually found space in downtown Louisville – right in the heart of town. Not only does she do gift baskets – and customize them to customers’ unique specifications – but she does chocolates, flowers, balloons – even balloon arches for goodness sakes!

She’s more than just gift baskets though. Martha, the owner, has a long history with Louisville-based KFC. She knows what it’s like to be in a large corporate setting. People just need to feel appreciated, they need to be told thank you now and again. Martha works with companies large and small determining a plan for the best way to easily say thank you on a regular basis to their employees.

She’s taken employee gratification to a whole new level. And yes, she still does the personal, individualized gift baskets you may want to send for Easter or Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day or whatever day you pick!

So the name. I had to know… where’d this interesting name come from? Well, Martha, as a child, was nicknamed Mimi. And “Whatta ’bout Mimi” refers to the support staff, the administrator, the help that someone might refer to and say, “Whatta ’bout Mimi? Don’t forget to thank her!” And “Ah?” Well… A is much closer to the beginning of the alphabet than “W.” So there you go.

For great tips on how to say thank you, and awesome pictures of some of her creations, please join us on Facebook and Twitter.

To contact the company directly to place an order, please email whattaboutmimi@msn.com or call: 502-773-5730.

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