One of the best parts about being an outsourced member of the marketing team of our clients is that we get the opportunity to partner with other likeminded people and agencies. 

We always say we stay in our lane when it comes to marketing. We handle social. That’s what we do. So we don’t try and upsell a client on some other service in which we do not hold a specialty. In our close-knit small-business community we rely on other people and agencies who specialize as well so we are all performing optimally for our client. 

Sometimes I’ll see job descriptions that are simply ridiculous. They want a mid-level manager to handle content creation, blog writing, community management, reputation management, web, SEO, graphic design, photography and literally everything else under the sun in 40 hours a week (and the pay is abysmal). It’s not only unacceptable it’s unreasonable. And ridiculous. 

I recently had a conversation with a friend about a kitchen appliance. Some appliances do one thing and they do them really well – like an air fryer, for instance. There are other appliances that function in multiple ways – for instance a toaster oven combined with an air fryer. While it functions in both tasks, it may not be the best at either. 

Same goes in the marketing world. I’ve had clients ask me if I can update their website or write a press release. Um. Sure. I can write a press release but it’s likely not going to function as well as it would if a PR practitioner wrote it (and had the media contacts to work to get it placed). And, actually, no, I cannot update your website. Believe me when I tell you you do not want me trying. 

I’m about to go through a rebrand. When it came time to lay out the plans, I engaged with a graphic designer, a web developer, a photographer and a printer, all to be sure that what became the final product of each item sparkled as it should. I do the same for my clients. 

If we need to be focused on Google analytics, I bring in 301 Interactive. If we need a new graphic design piece, I bring in Big Bad Wolfe. Printing? LoveKess is my vendor of choice. Professional photography? I went with Maria Marchal Photography. If there’s a vendor a client needs I’ll find them in bring them into the mix. 

Look, I haven’t been out there networking all these years not to bring some of my favorite people into the fold. I can’t wait for you to see all we’ve collaborated on – and know that all of these people can do the same for your brand!  

Get your specialists in order and make everything the best it can be. I seriously cannot think of another way to do it and still have quality produced.

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