One thing we have focused on since the beginning with our clients is the importance of being real when you’re engaging on social. 

The last thing anyone wants to see when you show up in their newsfeed is a perfectly polished “ad.” There is a place for ads in the paid campaign strategy, but when you’re looking at engaging with an audience, growing your community and telling your story, authenticity is going to win over perfection any day. 

Consumers want to know the people they are buying from. Sharing the spilled coffee, the mess behind the beauty and existing as an approachable person helps anyone on social feel more approachable, more credible, more like someone they want to buy from. 

Some tips to try this week to make your content more authentically you: 

  • Try a video without all your makeup on. Show the wrinkles. It’s ok. If you want to be really brave, try a “get ready with me” video. 
  • If you fall down, drop a jar of pasta sauce, spill your coffee, restart your dryer so you don’t have to fold it, capture it. This is relatable. Find a way to laugh at yourself and bring your audience in with you. 
  • Give some behind-the-scenes footage away. If your business owner is getting interviewed on the local TV news show, grab some “BTS” pieces to show when the piece airs. These are especially great in your Instagram story. Capture that moment of picking out the outfit, of getting makeup done, of being nervous. 
  • Don’t reshoot 50 times. Does it take practice? Yes. It does. But set a goal that you’ll only restart maybe three times. See what you get. And try not to dwell on “oh I should have said it this way.” Remember that no one knows what could have been, so go with your gut, be yourself and just go with it. 

Maria checking her shots in the studio

You know what’s REALLY fun? Capturing some behind the scenes footage at the same time you are capturing the high-end professional footage. When we did our rebrand we had a photo shoot with local photographer, Maria Marchal. While Maria was shooting headshots, we were shooting candids at the same time. It makes it fun but it also gives you all the content you need in one sitting. Not to mention, we had a great time. 

Perfectly lit, cropped and centered pieces of content are important for some things. Your website should have high-resolution, timeless, evergreen photos that will look great for years to come. But social is fleeting, it’s moment to moment. It’s got to grab attention and stop the scroll. And the best way to do that? Hit record and go. 

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