Well, it was bound to happen… I swear I practiced bringing two guests on at a time to my Livestream, “Let’s Get Real.” I made my kids both come on to be sure I knew what I was doing. I asked questions in the support group. It all looked normal in the Switcher App.

And yet, this morning on the show… there was tech glitch after tech glitch after tech glitch. I guess that’s how you know we are really keeping it real on this show.

Fortunately my two guests are well-versed in Livestreaming and its pitfalls. I couldn’t have asked for two more gracious people to be on this road with me than Anh and Janette. Despite the challenges of a blank screen and not being able to bring both guests on at the same time, the conversation was AMAZING and the audio was a perfect sound of what I’d imagine the three of us would sound like when we first got to speak off Twitter.

So thanks to Anh and Janette. Here’s to focusing on the highlights of great conversation and great girlfriends. If you missed it, you can still listen in here. 

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