One of the things we’ve worked with our clients on over the past nearly two decades of creating content is this: defining content. 

Not every photo or video has to be a direct sale. It doesn’t all have to have a call to action. Sometimes, the content you share is part of your story, sometimes the story of your business, some might call it background. Sometimes it’s ok to share a piece of content that in your mind seems “everyday.” All of it is part of who you are as a brand and what makes up your business. 

Many times, even with clients who outsource most of their content creation to us, we are still dependent on the internal teams to send us some stories and images from their day-to-day that would have been impossible for us to see. Sometimes we get stories, pictures, videos from the field if our client has a team who installs products in a home. It would be impossible to have us on every job, and we are fortunate that for some people, capturing raw footage is fun for them. 

Sometimes though, we’ll have people on the team who just aren’t sure what to send us. A lot of times these are people on a client sales team. They spend a lot of time in the office and at their desk and they can rack their brains all day but can’t come up with something they think is content-worthy. I’m here to tell you, they are overthinking it. It’s easier than you might think to come up with peripheral-level content that tells a story about your day and supports brand awareness. 

If you are a salesperson who is mostly at your desk pick your head up and look around that desk. Do you have a favorite mug? Do you have a busy calendar? Did you win an award at the holiday party that’s up on your tack board?  Do you have a family photo? What about a favorite pen? Capture, photo, video. 

I know what you’re thinking… why would anyone else care about your favorite pen? Well, what if that pen came from your aunt who you look forward to seeing later this summer. Could you tell that story? Now… you’re probably also thinking that this kind of content isn’t what’s going to get you leads and sales. And mostly, you’re right. But…. if your content from your desk is threaded into the content the company is putting out about its products and services, well now, not only are you helping the brand awareness of the company, but if you’re putting your name or face out there with the story, now you’re giving people someone to connect to when they call. 

Social is meant to be real. It should be authentic. And it was designed to be a two-way SOCIAL conversation. The community around your brand wants that behind-the-scenes, insiders’ look into what happens at your company everyday. So give it to them. 

If you are the company owner or team leader, consider a contest to get your internal team engaged. You just can’t get wrong by having more members of the team than just the CEO being a part of your branding and social. 

Want more ideas for your quick, easy content from the team? Let us know. 

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