At the end of 2020, I set two goals for myself – both of which were aimed at coming out from behind the keyboard. 

The first was to launch Let’s Get Real, my weekly livestream show. Each week I invite a friend from the social media, marketing, PR or content world to join me – LIVE – and talk about keeping your brand’s voice real on social. 

The second was to speak at a conference and in September, that came true. Content Marketing World welcomed me as a breakout speaker for the first time and I had a BLAST up on stage. I guess it showed because the results from the speaker survey turned into a huge ego boost for me. Wanna hear what they said? 

Session Rating (out of 5): 4.6 (this is more about the topic)

Speaker Rating (out of 5): 4.9


  • Shane had me engaged from the beginning and her topic really hit home. Lots of great information and also glad this was a session I was able to get some take-aways for my teams.
  • This was a great session! Very informative and entertaining!
  • Shane was fantastic!! I loved how her session example can be scaled for any size organization. Shane’s presentation skills were outstanding – she was fun and engaging! Please have her back!!
  • So entertaining and helpful! Great job!
  • I really liked the presentation! I had a similar idea and tried to implement it before but I will try again with these new ideas. I was a little bummed because the summary said that sales people contributed to the engagement but during the presentation Shane said that she did not receive anything from sales. This is my challenge getting the sales people more involved.
  • Great speaker and awesome presentation. It was great to hear from someone working with smaller companies and how they scale engagement. It was refreshing to see the results were scaled to the business! Thank you for this. Best breakout session so far. 🙂
  • Shane did an awesome job presenting! Her session was fun and insightful. She shared a real-world example of employee engagement that can be scaled for larger companies, too. She’s the real deal. Please have her back – she’s fantastic!!
  • Terrific, engaging presenter with a perspective that’s broadly applicable, scalable for any business — in fact probably more useful to giant brands where all public presences are meticulously curated by teams of people with endless meetings and focus groups. Hoping my global brand will adopt some of these ideas, if not to win new business then for recruiting. Love to see more voices like Shane’s in these rooms where the polished rock stars are often hitting the same notes.
  • Cool story, great personality and gave me some great advice for my team internally to grow and have fun.

It was so much fun to pull together and I hope I get the chance to do it again next year. Just a little courage and I was able to pull it off!

Now… back to writing 2021 goals!

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