One of the things we do for our clients is part of their reputation management. That is, we read their reviews and we respond to them.

When there are positive reviews? We respond and say thank you. Someone took the time to give their words about how great our client is, they deserve to be properly thanked. Of course we also repurpose those reviews to push out on behalf of our clients.

And when the reviews are negative? Well, this can get a little tricky. There are always two sides of the story. I’ve worked with builders, restaurants and other businesses who are consistently at risk of negative reviews. The instinct is to want to remove them, but of course it’s more important to respond. Time and again, the client has told us how grateful they are that in these difficult situations they have an objective person who can speak without emotion in the responses. We are a vendor and though we treat each client as if we own the business, we clearly do not. For this reason, we can provide a service that the company owner simply cannot do on their own.

This is true in any business. It’s important to know when you’re in over your head and need to ask for help. Sometimes, when you’re so far in the weeds you can’t see the big picture because you’re combing through minutiae of a situation. My advice? Outsource it. Let someone who won’t take it personally handle it for you – as long as they have all the facts straight.

There can be ego involved in this, I know. Who wants to admit they don’t know how to handle something? A while back I wrote about how freeing it is to answer a question with “I don’t know.

I stand by this. To not know the answer of how to do something is so much less stressful than saying you do, knowing you’ve got to run home an google it. So know your strengths, know your weaknesses, and ask for help.


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