As today is International Women’s Day, I want to talk for a brief moment about what it means to be a woman today and I want to thank the ladies featured in the photo on this post for everything they do to make our team what it is. 

I’ve long believed and touted what this title says – we can do it all, but we can’t do it all at one time. Not only are there not enough physical hours in the day, but the mental capacity of juggling what we juggle – we just cannot take on anymore. 

Whether you work for a company, yourself, or are a full-time stay-at-home mom, whether you’re married or not, whether you have dependent toddlers or self-sufficient teens, you are likely the default planner, parent, CEO of the house. Add that to whatever you have in your work life and it’s just… it’s a lot. 

I find that sometimes I take on too much. And when I do, I’ve learned very quickly my tell-tale signs: I start eating poorly, staying up too late, not really getting anything done, scrolling through social with no rhyme or reason and I feel absolutely, physically exhausted. I’m not a martyr, I’m a mother. I own a company but I’m not the only one who works here. I’m a parent but I’m not the only one in the household. And now that my kids are pretty independent (one graduates high school in 81 days), I’m not the only one managing what goes on in their life either. That’s on them. 

Here’s an example: We recently were notified that Curriculum Night is coming up at our school which is the night they tell us about all the course offerings available to students in the high school next year. But here’s the thing: That night is for the parents. I learned in my daughter’s freshman year the students get the same information during the school day. So… I informed my son, who is a freshman, “I don’t attend that, your course selections are between you and your advisor.” This is just an example of how I, as a parent, let go. It gives my kids more autonomy but it gives me more freedom. I’m not equipped to advise on academic needs nor do I want to. What if I strongly encourage my kid to take a class or a level of class that isn’t the right fit and they don’t do well in it? Well I don’t want that kind of blame. No thanks. 

Which brings me to my recent decision to pause my show, “Let’s Get Real.” Creating the livestream was a goal I set in 2021 to come out from behind the keyboard and put our agency out front. And now… I’m knee-deep in client work. That could be due to the act of putting us out there. It’s been a fun run and I’ve enjoyed going live with friends and people I didn’t yet know – and some who are pretty famous in the world of social media and content marketing. But I’m feeling spread too thin. We’ve got multiple big clients with big things happening, and we’re still bidding on new business. Not to mention… that daughter of mine is leaving soon and my son doesn’t yet have a driver’s license.

So, for now, I’m going to put the show on the shelf and give myself a break. Because if we, as women, can’t give ourselves a break we aren’t really doing anyone any favors. 

Think about your role as a woman. If you aren’t a woman, think about those in your sphere who are. Let’s all be kind and empathetic to each other, but let’s start with ourselves. 

Here’s to strong, independent women! May we be them, may we raise them… and if we are raising sons, may we raise them to respect women too. 

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