Have you ever lost a client because you weren’t the cheapest? Not that you weren’t the least expensive, but that you weren’t the cheapest? There’s a difference.

Years ago, we had a client with whom we loved working. They had great content, were willing to collaborate and, yes, profit margins were good. After a long run together, they found someone who could not only do the work for less money, they promised to do more than we were doing and charge less.

Hey… I couldn’t beat that. We love what we do here, but we are in business for a reason, this is not a hobby. We’ve got systems to maintain, software to utilize and fees to pay. So… we lost the client.

Over the course of the next few years, we watched the messaging, graphics and content on the brand go downhill so far that the Instagram account we built for them became pretty much a void (there has not been any post there since 2019).This wasn’t the same quality work for less money. This was cheap work. And through those years, I kept in touch with the owner because I still cared about the brand and though business is business, I wasn’t going to lose a friend over it. Once in a while I’d see something that I knew did not represent him or his brand well and would call attention to it.

But I must tell you it came as a bit of a shock about a month ago when that friend/former client called out of the blue to let me know he wanted back in our family of brands. “Nobody does this like your team,” he said. “I’m tired of paying for something I’m not getting.”

Earlier this week we signed the contract. I’m not telling you this in a “told you so” type of manner. I’m telling you this because I know we are the best at implementing a brand message across social platforms using true, human personas. We know how to be the extension of our clients’ marketing teams by serving as their voice, and having the know-how to engage with their customers and potential customers. And now… now I know this former client knows it too.

We’re so glad to have them back and cannot wait to get rolling!

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