Once in a while, I come across someone in my world on Twitter who has built a business doing precisely what I do – serving as the voice of a number of brands on social. Monday’s guest, Ed Alexander of Fan Foundry, takes it one step further with his extreme knowledge of data. 

He says “Here in the future, some leading businesses and agencies are becoming fan foundries by using live data and new technologies to develop engaging customer experiences, enrich their team talents, and build agility and resilience.” First, I love that he refers to today as the future. We are constantly looking toward the future and in the future – but also living in the moment – it’s the nature of  what we do. 

We’re going to talk about how to harness this knowledge and use it to be sure your business is actually meeting the needs of the people you’re talking to out there on social. 

I hope you’ll join us live tomorrow. Find us at LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube


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