This week I had to pivot on my Marketing Minute post as you’ll see on Instagram

I had a great video ready to go with this week’s theme but after last night’s Oscars I had to rethink what to say. I’ve been working toward a rebrand and part of that rebrand has been to separate my business voice and my personal voice. I want to protect my business and keep it professional. That being said.. I couldn’t just get up today after being awake most of the night last night and act normal. I couldn’t just ignore how utterly demoralizing this was for me and just send out some normal marketing tips. 

So I had to get personal today. And it’s not something I’m used to doing these days. I had gotten a little too personal a few months ago and received some threatening messages from strangers (though it was clear they are people affiliated with my kids’ school so that’s incredibly unsettling). Copies of all of those messages have been turned over to investigators so I can let that go and they can do with it what they want. 

I thought this was a good opportunity to look through the marketing lens at what’s happening with this war. It’s clear I’m on the losing team of propaganda. And since I’ve been to Poland and visited five concentration camps, you can understand why I didn’t sleep last night. 

Some out on social are questioning why we even care what celebrities say or do. And I’ll tell you why. It’s not that they are more important on the world stage or that they have even one iota more knowledge on this subject. It’s simply that they have bigger megaphones. With a louder voice, you have more clout, you just do. So when you wear a ceasefire pin designed around the murder of Israelis or you’re interviewed on TV about wanting a ceasefire and never mention the hostages, then a large number of the population thinks you know what you are talking about, believes in your cause and follows you. This is the world of influencing, friends. And it’s hauntingly what’s so dangerous. 

So today I had to be me. I can’t only be Jewish when it suits me. It’s a part of who I am and I am the face of the company. So it’s all tied in together. And when things are this important, we must not stay silent. I’m definitely able to look through the marketing POV on this, though, and share with you how this is a war of marketing, and what, exactly, is happening on the ground in the U.S. with it. 

Here’s to a better night of sleep ahead! 

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