My children are six and almost four. When they were younger, neither of them could sit still at the dinner table. No matter if we went out or were at a friend’s house, not everyone had a booster seat with a seatbelt. Each of my children at that stage would stand up and try to jump out of their seat. Sometimes they’d almost succeed. It made dinners away from home very difficult.

If only I had known about My Little Seat back then. Once I found it, I couldn’t stop talking about what a great product it is, even though my children no longer need it.

But yours might. And others might, which is why I started working with the company to help spread the word, and take it door to door for placement in boutiques across the country.

This is a “sling-style” booster seat. It has 4 ties and 2 harness straps to help secure even the more energetic tots! My Little Seat is intended for babies who can sit up unassisted and for older toddlers who need a bit more security when sitting in a chair. From 6 months (when the child can sit up unassisted) up to 30 months (Max 35 lbs). It fits most chairs and the best part – comes with its own matching bag! That’s right… it folds up to the size of a diaper, fits in your bag and then at home – throw it in the wash!

Some have asked me how comfortable it is for a child. So I’ve got a video of a cute little boy named Jordan who sits in his and loves it:

See… told ya he was cute! He’s completely safe and sound and if he had some food in front of him, he’d be even happier. But for now he’s safe from his two older sisters.

My Little Seat is created in Canada and is available all over North America and elsewhere.

Stay up to date with the company by joining their facebook page. Click on Facebook logo: 

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