One of the products we represent has so many great purposes, I don’t know where to start. Fabkins are cloth napkins in kids’ sizes.

Getting kids around the table is hard enough, I know. And now I’m asking you to set the table with cloth napkins. But let me tell you something. When the napkins are this cute, and come in several varieties, setting the table can become a fun task for your tot!

Having cloth napkins can help make your kids’ table at the holidays look nicer. And, since these cloths are 100% organic cotton, they are a great, sustainable way to teach kids about saving the earth. The kid in this video’s got it… don’t you think?

Fabkins are great not only for the kids’ table or the dinner table, but also for lunchboxes! The owner of this company is so committed to ecofriendly products that she started the “Green My Lunchbox” campaign. You can find it on Facebook!

Know a boutique in your area that should be selling Fabkins? Call us – we can get them set up.

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