Welcome to a new series of blogposts in which I’d like to introduce you all to my social media clients, one by one. I will tell you about the brands, themselves, but I also want to give you some insight on my personal fandom of each of these companies. Allow me to start with one of the first, and the one who has had the biggest impact on my business from a growth standpoint.

First, the product: Rooibee Red Tea is the only organic, naturally caffeine-free Rooibos (red) tea ready-to-drink tea available in seven flavors.

Here’s the story of how we met: Back when I was first launching this part of my business (about a year ago), my friend Allison called me up and told me I had to meet her friend, Heather Howell – that Heather was an incredible businesswoman and I needed to know her. So Heather and I had this whirlwind phone conversation and scheduled a morning to have coffee. Naive me, I thought we were just two women having coffee. Next thing I know, Heather’s introducing me to the founder of the company she just joined, Rooibee Red Tea, and they are asking what I can do for them.

{Enter deer in headlights}.

Rooibee Red Tea gave me the opportunity to really catapult my business from trying to figuring out what to do to being a full-fledged professional social media marketer. I work directly with their director of Public Relations, supporting the overall marketing plan. Essentially, I’ve become the voice for the brand out there in cyberland.

This growing brand is such a ball to be a part of. We have a a great tea(m) and I truly feel like I am an equal player. We’ve grown their page from 417 fans to 1820 (as of the time of this writing) in less than a year. We’ve infiltrated areas of the country where the product is moving next and have been able to capture fans – and engage with them. More important than those numbers – the fans of this brand are really fun to play with because they talk back – they answer us. And that makes my job fun.

Rooibee Red Tea started as a small, farmer’s market brand and is now about to go nationwide. It’s amazing what Jeff and Heather are doing, and truly, I’m just honored to be a part of it. There’s a trust there, on a personal level, that we speak each other’s language – I know the ins and outs of their business but know what’s appropriate to scream from the rooftop, and what I just yap on the phone about with Heather in our many phone calls which tend to start with, “I just dropped my kids at carpool – did you? Can we talk?”

If you haven’t tried Rooibee Red Tea, you should. And I’m not a fan of telling people what they should do. But Jeff Stum, founder of the company, has created an amazing, healthy product – get on the bandwagon.

So taste it, then join us on Facebook and Twitter. And follow along with our online scrapbook on Tumblr.

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