Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about loving Mondays. After the Sunday we all had yesterday, glued to the TV, texting random details we saw among different group chats to each other, I think everyone is plain-old exhausted.

Look,  I’ve never claimed to be a sports fan of note. I have a few things I get excited about – but only because of the excitement I see through my son’s eyes or my husband’s. There’s nothing more exciting around here than, for example, the start of college football season. But by halftime of the Michigan-Ohio game Thanksgiving weekend they are both about to throw in the towel. And then it’s almost time for the Yankees to report to Spring Training.

Yesterday’s news, of course, came as a shock to everyone. Whether you are an NBA fan, a Lakers fan, a Kobe Bryant fan or just a human being, you could NOT have not been moved by the horrific accident taking nine lives.

I had to go upstairs and tell my son the news. Of course, at 13, he already had seen it on ESPN’s Instagram feed. We cuddled up on the couch and watched the coverage together. We stayed there, staring, a long time.

And today? Today is Monday.

So how do you recover and move forward after watching something like that? How do you say, “today is another day, the start of a new week?” Well I don’t know. But you do. And we have. We had no choice.

Today started like one of our regular crazy Mondays. My husband was out the door by 5 and my son has a seventh-grade ski trip so he had to be at school early. My daughter refused to get to school that early so we did a Starbucks run. Then I came back and faced the gym. Did I have it in me? I wasn’t sure. But, you already know I’m a raving fan of my Peloton coach, so I got on that treadmill and worked it out. Then I cranked through my to do list and found it to be a productive morning.

So how do we move forward? We just do. We thank our luck of the day that we are here, that our loved ones are here, and we keep going. My father’s famous line is “put one foot in front of the other and trudge on.” And so I do. We do.

So normality sets in. Client meetings and carpools took up my afternoon. Because what choice do we have? We must trudge on.

May we all have a safe week, appreciating every moment and our time on earth.

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