This week’s Big Marketing Minute focuses on a new(ish) program we are offering at Big Voice Social. You know, we built this business serving as the voice of the brands we represent. Whether a company didn’t have the staff, the know-how or the desire to create content and engage on social themselves, we have been there for them, and we continue to be. 

For some companies, however, outsourcing isn’t a good fit. There are reasons why it makes way more sense to keep social in-house than outsource it and sometimes we outline that for potential clients and they determine whether or not they want to hire a full-time person instead of collaborating with our team. Please note: we do not ever offer reasons why it would be best to put the person who sits at the front desk and has no interest in social be the person who runs social. This is really never the answer. 

We’ve developed a program that trains small business teams and solopreneurs how to handle social on their own. Much of the time, the inquiry is about Instagram, but we can customize the program for Instagram or LinkedIn, whichever is the right fit for the client. 

In a total of three hours, we offer a two-part series to those who sign up for this virtual “workshop.” 

The first session focuses on all the pieces we must put in place when we take over a client’s social, ourselves:

  • Brand voice
  • Persona
  • Keywords
  • Messaging standards

In a nutshell, we determine the who, what, when, where, why and how of your brand. 

Following this session, be prepared to complete some homework. 

The second session, usually held one week later, digs into best practices and how to get prioritized on your platform of choice, whether Instagram or LinkedIn. 

This course is not a lecture, it’s a hands-on workshop in which you will leave both sessions with work ready to go and a roadmap for where to go next. 

If you’re ready to take on social one platform at a time and outsourcing isn’t for you, reach out and let us know! 


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